a woman with dark long hair sleeping on white pillow

“I wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, drained, sad, disappointed, hopeless…”

“The only thing I wish in the evening is to fall asleep and sleep all night long.”

“The only thing I wish in the morning is to go back to sleep.”

“I wake up every night and can’t…

a woman’s face looking sad, long dark hair

Do you often feel that if only your partner changed, everything would be ok? That you deserve better? Do you find it difficult to believe that even though you are telling him/her over and over again what you want, he/she is not acting on it? Doesn’t it make you powerless…

Jana Sneeweisova

Relationship and Women Empowerment Coach, RMT (Robbins-Madanes Training) certified, KBB (Knowledge Business Blueprint) certified. Relationships matter!

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